Bay Area UseR Group Meetup Video

< 1 min. read This is an opportunity to hear speakers in UserR Groups in the U.S. and from great speakers like Ryan Hafen, Hadley Wickham and Nick Elprin nevertheless! The video is hosted through Air Mozilla. Ryan Hafen provided an overview of the Tessera project, an open source environment for deep analysis and visualization of complex data sets. […]

Wordcloud for National Day Rally 2014 speech

< 1 min. read Inspired by a wordcloud from Obama’s State of the Union address, let’s look at creating a wordcloud for Singapore’s National Day Rally 2014 speech using R. library(rvest) library(RCurl) ## Loading required package: bitops url <- "" # scrapes the speech from the URL above curlSpeech<- getURL(url) speech <- curlSpeech %>% html() %>% html_nodes(".view-mode-full") %>% html_text() […]

Exploring Focal Length with Exiftool and R

5 min. read Picture Credits: Pixabay .main-container { max-width: 940px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } A good way to understand your shooting style and guide your future camera equipment buying decisions will be to discover your frequently used focal lengths. Focal Lengths can be extract from photos that have EXIF data, which in short refers to data on […]