Bedtime reading – What is Code?

< 1 min. read In case you are wondering of what all the buzzwords and jargon like algorithms, coding, off-the-shelf mean, the article What is Code by Paul Ford helps you weave all these buzzwords into a single story. At 38000 words, it makes good bedtime reading, be it for someone who has no inkling on how computers work […]

Watching MOOC videos offline

< 1 min. read Sometimes you might want to have the flexibility to watch MOOC videos while commuting to and fro work and you do not want to incur large carrier costs. Some MOOC platforms like Coursera allow you to download these videos for offline viewing. However, some other MOOCs like Gilbert Strang’s Linear Algebra Course are uploaded on […]

Handling line endings on Windows with git

< 1 min. read Note to self: When collaborating on different platforms, one of the most common issue is line endings – LF on Mac/Linux and CRLF on Windows. With git, you can address this issue in the following ways: 1) Configure Global Settings 1) Windows users: git config –global core.autocrlf true 2) Mac/Linux users: git config –global core.autocrlf […]

HiDPI Windows 8 setting for Brackets

< 1 min. read While test-driving the (Version 1.1) editor on Windows 8, I discovered that the text displayed on the application is not as crisp – it is rather pixelated – at HiDPI resolution of 2880 x 1620. The workaround is to edit the properties of the application and check Disable display scaling on high DPI scaling. […]

Pay It Forward

< 1 min. read This is the first post, more frequently known as  “the Hello World! post” in blogs. Rather than a first post that is likely to be forgotten, I would like to use this first post to communicate an idea I feel strongly about – Pay It Forward. Pay it forward is an expression for describing the […]