Making mistakes is part of learning

Here’s an enlightening video from a blog post by Bill Gates, where Lyon Terry – teacher of the Year – and Bill Gates talked about making mistakes.

The fact that I can admit to my students that I make mistakes is probably one of the things that makes me the Teacher of the Year. – Lyon Terry

One of the guiding principles we follow in the program that I volunteered in is not to focus on whether the child got the answer correct or not. Rather the focus is on encouraging them to make an attempt and learn from their experience.

The Violin – An animated short on 80 years of Singapore history

Singapore celebrated it’s 50th birthday on 9 August 2015. Here’s an animated short showcasing 80 years of Singapore history. [Via RocketNews24]

Definition of Statistical Significance

Note to self: Statistical Significance as defined by Andrew Gelman in his blog post.

Statistical Significance

Definition: A mathematical technique to measure the strength of evidence from a single study. Statistical significance is conventionally declared when the p-value is less than 0.05. The p-value is the probability of seeing a result as strong as observed or greater, under the null hypothesis (which is commonly the hypothesis that there is no effect). Thus, the smaller the p-value, the less consistent are the data with the null hypothesis under this measure.