Bay Area UseR Group Meetup Video

< 1 min. read This is an opportunity to hear speakers in UserR Groups in the U.S. and from great speakers like Ryan Hafen, Hadley Wickham and Nick Elprin nevertheless! The video is hosted through Air Mozilla. Ryan Hafen provided an overview of the Tessera project, an open source environment for deep analysis and visualization of complex data sets. […]

Video tutorial on dplyr

< 1 min. read For data manipulation in R, you will probably have heard of the plyr package. Dplyr is plyr’s next iteration by Hadley Wickham. It offers greater ease of use and speed over plyr and I find it more intuitive to use. The above video by Kevin Markham is an excellent introduction to dplyr. Enjoy! (Via Revolution […]

Deep Learning introduction – Andrew Ng

< 1 min. read While media are already reporting how Deep Learning – machine learning through the use of neural network techniques – can contribute to increased ad profits, it would be great to know more on the background. Here’s an introductory video on Deep Learning by Andrew Ng at the RSS (Robotics: Science and System) Conference 2014.