stringAsFactors – a brief history

< 1 min. read If you have used R’s read.csv function, you will inevitably use the stringsAsFactors=FALSE option. Roger Peng offers a brief history into why the default for stringAsFactors option is TRUE. Alternatively, you can use the read_csv function from the readr package by Hadley Wickham, which does not automatically convert characters to factors.

Data Science Ontology

< 1 min. read This site created by Sean McClure, data scientist at ThoughtWorks, shows an overview of data science concepts. I find this structured approach very useful as a gauge to discover areas of improvement. It also serves to provide more information via Wikipedia links at the terminal nodes.

Calculus Cheat Cheets

< 1 min. read On the journey of Data Science, you will probably come across Calculus. For students and working professionals alike, the availability of cheat sheets make lives easier. I’m happy and grateful to find out that the Calculus cheat sheets I’ve referred to during my university days are still available on the net, thanks to Paul Dawkins […]