Teaching using Bitsboard app

At the place where I volunteer, volunteers take turns to conduct lessons for the children. One of the aims for each lesson would be to increase their vocabulary capacity. Where applicable, we try to use different tools such as flash cards or the use of actual items.

One of the tools that I’ve used is the Bitsboard app available on the iPad. As long as you’ve some pictures and sound recordings, you will be able to enter the images or record the sounds into the app. After tagging them with words, you can proceed to teach the children through pictures, words or sound!

Typically for the class, I would use the flashcard mode and do one round of introduction and one round of review. After that I would choose one of the many game modes offered (such as photo touch and match up) and get each child to come forward and try.

Other features that I find impressive are:

  • Catalog Management: The pictures, words and accompanied sound recording are saved as “cards” inside a catalog and they appear like a photo album. You will be able to organize all your cards and select which cards to show. This function allows me to group my cards per topic and customize the number of cards and/or the level of difficulty depending on the class and amount of time left.
  • Large numbers of game modes available: As of today I counted 23 game modes, which I’m sure will add dimensions to class delivery in various situations.
  • Wide range of customizations available: For each game, you are able to customize settings like sequential or random showing of cards, manual or auto progression and number of cards to show each turn. I encourage you to play around with it.
  • Sharing of cards with the community: This is definitely a feature to check out! Essentially, you might not need to reinvent the wheel as there may already be someone who has made a deck on a topic that you wanted and all you need to do is do a search and customize.

You can see some screenshots of the app below, check out the guides online or just download the app from the App Store and play!

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