Animal Walks – More than just a warm-up game

Animal Walks is a warm-up game that we play with the children before lesson starts proper, which is suggested by one of the program’s volunteers. Not only are they are great way to engage the children, the game serves as an exercise to build muscular endurance.

More importantly, the game serves as an opportunity to improve the children’s finesse in motor skills and body coordination, which are essential skills to grasp while growing up.

We will divide the children into two groups and ask them to perform the animal walks towards each team, one child at a time. The child who has reached the other team gives a hi-five to the child waiting and the process is repeated. A set is complete when all children have finished. Depending on the stamina and age group of the children, we can progress to add more walks or introduce more difficult ones like Crab crawls. Some walks that you can introduce are:

  • rabbit hops
  • penguin walks
  • duck waddles (while squatting)
  • bear crawls (on all four limbs)
  • crab horizontal crawls (on all four limbs, lifting body from sitting position i.e. reverse of bear crawls)